As with any hire agreement we must insist on drawing up lengthy statements such as this one for your own protection as well as ours. 

Pretty Privies-conditions of hire:

  1. Pretty Privies is only prepared to accept orders or contracts incorporating the conditions set out below, and such conditions of hire shall be deemed to be incorporated into any such agreement or contract unless specifically excluded in writing signed by or on behalf of Pretty Privies.
  2. Pretty Privies do not accept any liability for delay to or non completion of contracts arising as a result of:
    • any strike or lockout of Pretty Privies employees or suppliers
    • adverse weather conditions
    • loss or damage by fire
    • any cause beyond Pretty Privies control
  3. The hirer is responsible to Pretty Privies from the commencement of the hire for the safe keeping of equipment and is strictly liable for any loss or damage to the equipment from whatsoever cause arising. Fair wear and tear only expected. In particular the hirer will not use the equipment for any purpose other than that stated in the schedule here to or in a manner likely to result in deterioration or damage.
  4. On termination of the hiring the hirer must arrange with Pretty Privies, the owner, to collect the equipment, which must be in the same condition as at the commencement of the hiring. The hirer will remain strictly liable under these terms and conditions until the equipment is collected by Pretty Privies. The hirer is not to remove the equipment from the site without the prior written consent of Pretty Privies.
  5. The hire must not lend the equipment to any person or sub let it or otherwise part with the possession of it in any way without the prior written consent of Pretty Privies. The hirer is reminded that the equipment remains the property of Pretty Privies and must not in any way be used as security.
  6. The hirer must inform Pretty Privies at once in the event of any damage or breakdown of the equipment and must not attempt a repair unless written consent is received from Pretty Privies. If the damage or the breakdown has been caused other than by the fault or carelessness of Pretty Privies, the repair will be at the expense of the hirer. In any case other than this the repair will be at the expense of Pretty Privies. Pretty Privies may in the case of breakdown or damage, substitute the equipment with a unit of similar type and condition in lieu of repairing the equipment but in the case of breakdown or damage being caused other than the fault of carelessness of Pretty Privies the hirer will remain responsible for the cost of repair and costs incurred relating to this substitution.
  7. In the case of malicious damage, or damage caused other than by the fault of carelessness of Pretty Privies, they may alternatively, terminate the hiring by written notice to the hirer, but no monies paid by the hirer shall be repayable and any payment accrued due but not paid shall remain payable. Nothing in this condition shall affect or diminish the liability of the hirer under the above conditions, or render Pretty Privies liable to the hirer for any resultant or consequential loss, damage or inconvenience.
  8. Pretty Privies will maintain the equipment (not to include servicing contracts other than stated in the terms of confirmation of hire) at its own expense and the hirer will when required grant access to the equipment for inspection and maintenance purposes.
  9. If during the continuance of hiring the hirer shall make or propose any composition with his creditors or commit any act of bankruptcy or being a company go into liquidation (other than a Members Voluntary Liquidation) or shall suffer any distress or execution to be levied against him whereby the rights of Pretty Privies may be prejudiced the Agreement shall forthwith terminate and Pretty Privies shall be entitled to re-take possession of the equipment without notice for which purpose it shall be lawful for Pretty Privies to enter the premises where the equipment may be, but this power is without prejudice to any other right of Pretty Privies.
  10. If the hirer does not pay any monies due, or if the hirer is otherwise in breech of this agreement or if the hiring is terminated prematurely at the request of the hirer Pretty Privies may remove the equipment forthwith. The balance of the said payment shall be made on or before the time the equipment is delivered to the site. All deposits are non refundable.
  11. The hirer will ensure that the site is suitable in every respect for the unit hired, should the hirer fail to do so the hirer will pay Pretty Privies charges incurred in the preparation of the site. Should the site not be fit for the use ofthe unit Pretty Privies shall have the right to withdraw from this agreement and retain any deposit paid by the hirer without prejudice to any claim ofloss of profit without reason of the hirer's breach of this condition.
  12. The hirer hereby agrees:
    1. To inform Pretty Privies of the existence of drains, pipes, cables or works likely to affect the required site.
    2. To indemnitY Pretty Privies against cost of making good or repairing items referred to above should any damage occur as a result of carrying out the contract and against making good any damage to the site generally.
    3. To indemnitY Pretty Privies against any claims or demands for injury to third parties or loss or damage to their property except such injury, loss or damage caused by any defect in any Pretty Privies' equipment
    4. To pay Pretty Privies any out of pocket expenses incurred in the event of hire, but after giving credit for the 20% deposit.
    5. To pay the hire charges in full should the hire wish to cancel the contract with Pretty Privies after the commencement of the hire period provided in the schedule.
    6. To pay 75% of the full hire fee less any 20% deposit paid, if the hirer wishes to cancel not more than two weeks prior to the commencement of the actual hire. Such cancellations must be in writing.